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Pie Forms IDE Open Beta is available for download

Finally, Pie Forms IDE is available for beta testing. The fully functional Control Surface designer for Chyron's Lyric includes form design, visual SQL/database query building, and an integrated VBScript debugging environment. The IDE also includes a LEIF explorer to assist the process of authoring scripts accessing Lyric's Enhancement Interface Framework.

The development environment is equipped with about a dozen component types that can be used for manual data input, database access, and other specialized control requirements. Component properties and events are accessible at the VBScript layer allowing for code based connectivity between Lyric objects and the components exposed on the control surface. For example, a simple control surface could include an input widget and push button to manually populate a template field of the current Message. A more elaborate surface might include the data grid component to automatically populates template fields, and advances the data cursor on each Message Read.

A sparse set of samples and script libraries are included with the beta. The set of examples and utility code will expand over time. Documentation is virtually non-existant, but that will change.


In the absence of documentation,  follow these steps to get some results

  1. Under Lyric's Tools menu, there should be a Pie Forms menu item. Select it.
  2. Navigate to My Documents\Pie Forms\<version>\forms.  Open UpdateTemplateField.cpf
  3. Load/create a Message with a named template field.
  4. Enter a template field name and value in the control surface and click Apply.

If the software installed properly (and is compatible with the running version of Lyric,) the template field should update with the supplied value. You can explore and modify the CPF in the IDE. A zip of the samples is located in the Pie Forms installation directory if it's necessary to rollback any changes.


Getting the beta

A user account is required to access the beta.

More download information is available here.


Features at a glance

 Form Editing


* Breakpoints
* Stepping
* Variable Inspector
* Call Stack
* Expression Evaluator

Event Handling